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Online Gambling News – Tropika International Limited, which develops and manages Internet casinos, still has not paid players who have been owed money since December, according to the Online Players Association.

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Blackjack Rules – Blackjack is easily the most popular table game of all. If you enter any Las Vegas casino, you will find that blackjack tables outnumber other table games by a margin of about two to one. The game enjoys its immense popularity for many reasons, but one of the primary reasons is that, when played correctly, it offers the best odds of all casino games.

Roulette Rules – Roulette involves a spinning wheel that contains slots numbered 1 to 36, as well as two additional slots, 0 an 00. A white ball is spun around the wheel as the wheel rotates, and when the ball loses speed, it drops, falling into one of the numbered slots.

Poker Rules – To begin each player must place an ante bet (as in standard poker) prior to the dealer announcing no more bets. Each player receives five cards face down. The dealer gets four cards face down and one card face up.

Craps Rules – Whenever you are in Vegas, it is inevitable that the most noise in the casino is coming from the craps tables. They cheer and shout and laugh as if they were at a party, and sometimes it seems almost unfair that they are having so much fun. Fair or not, one thing is certain: Craps is among the most exciting games you can play in a casino.

Slots Rules – Slots are extremely popular, and it is not unusual for a casino to make the most money off its slot machines. A typical quarter slot machine in Vegas normally brings in $10,000-$25,000 a year, or more.

Baccarat Rules – In Las Vegas, Baccarat is played in special rooms that are roped off from the regular casino. Typically, a Baccarat room is occupied by beautiful women (employed by the casinos to attract players) and high rollers, who often bet thousands of dollars for endless hours of play.

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